You Are a Beacon, Sir. 


Hello Sr. Fuerte,  


As my drinking days are over and so their attendant flouting of social norms, I no longer make it a habit of sending messages to folks I don't know. In the instance of this current message, however, I have chosen, with a sober mind, to break the currently reasonable respect for such norms. Why? Because I just want to express my gratitude for your various rich  expressions of a certain "texan-ness" that is being largely eroded and/or erased in the public: the Texan spry of mind and word, earthily creative, intellectual, and with a mastery of profundity masked in simplicity . The Texan of rich, celebratory cultural variety - . . . You are a beacon, Sir, and certainly an inspiration to a Texan like myself. Thanks again and please continue your hallowed work.




"No time to travel through every town in Texas? You’re in luck, ain’t no better guide than W.F. Strong. His prose is as refreshing as floating down the Brazos River on a summer afternoon: clear, stirring and full of discovery. “Stories from Texas” will make Texans gush with pride and us foreigners wish we were from the Lone Star State. ‘Nuff said." 


former KERA (Dallas) Health, science and technology reporter; now senior producer for Gimlet Media 


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