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“Here within these pages you get a sense of the Texas that is and the Texas that once was . . . the accomplishments achieved and dreams sometimes forgotten . . . all of it woven by one of the state’s premiere chroniclers of Texas lore.”

John McCaa, news anchor for WFAA Television, Dallas 

"In this collection of 75 stories I have attempted to survey the rich cultural heritage of Texas in a way that is truthful without diminishing the beautiful legends that made them memorable. I focus on these things: The Texas dialect and its unique nature; larger than life Texans like Charles Goodnight, Tom Landry, and Henrietta King; praise for Texas writers like McMurtry, Kelton and Dobie; praise for Texas iconic brands, from Whataburger to Blue Bell Ice Cream to Southwest Airlines; and I’ve also included some classic modern folklore that one could share over drinks at happy hour.


If all goes as planned, you should find plenty of laughter here and maybe even a tear or two. There is humor and pathos, joy, wonder, and some melancholic longing for a Texas that once was but can never be again. Yet time moves on, and there are great years yet to be lived by new generations of Texans who have inherited a powerful cultural DNA from their ancestors. They will work their own magic in their time."

~ W.F. Strong ~

SAMPLE STORIES from the book

Judge Roy Bean

Scariest Bridge in Texas

Dr Pepper & Peanuts


"No time to travel through every town in Texas? You’re in luck, ain’t no better guide than W.F. Strong. His prose is as refreshing as floating down the Brazos River on a summer afternoon: clear, stirring and full of discovery. “Stories from Texas” will make Texans gush with pride and us foreigners wish we were from the Lone Star State. ‘Nuff said." 


former KERA (Dallas) Health, science and technology reporter; now senior producer for Gimlet Media 


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